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Solutions Overview

The Metropole Solution
Metropole360 is about increasing productivity. Our products shorten the sales cycle, as more people will see your listings/projects in less time. Think how long it would take to call a thousand people or give each one a walk-through -- now with Metropole360 it is accomplished in just a few minutes...

It All Begins With a Reflection
Beginning in the European Enlightenment scientists, artists and academics started experimenting with the reflective and refractive properties of curved mirrors, as a way of expanding the viewing dimensions of a space. M.C. Escherís famous work, "Hand with Reflecting Sphere," best illustrates this concept. Continuing into the twentieth century, photographers tirelessly tried to capture a picture that truly represented the "real life" experience of the photograph. Many innovators designed multi-directional panoramic cameras that spun around and wide-angle lenses that enabled artists to stitch photographs together.

Today, in the twenty-first century, Metropole is leading the revolution for business entrepreneurs by applying innovative technology and real estate expertise to meet your marketing and management needs.


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