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"Metropole enables us to communicate more effectively, and manage multiple projects efficiently."

----- Ken Hart, President, H&H Builders

In the highly competitive world of general contracting, in which profit margins are shrinking every day and firms are getting leaner in order to survive, distinguishing yourself from your competitors can be an impossible task. One challenge is to demonstrate to building owners the high quality of your work. The second challenge is to prove to owners that your construction management process is not only efficient, but also is designed to prevent construction costs from ballooning. H&H Builders, a New York-based general contracting and construction management company, turned to Metropole360 to help market and manage its projects more efficiently.

Using Metropole360's BUILDER platform, H&H's project manager can now create online jobsite reports combining text, 360° images, CAD drawings, word files, estimates, bids, general conditions and internal software files.  Within minutes, the owner, subcontractors and other team members can view the project site as if they are there, enabling the construction manager to increase productivity and enhance project communications, and allowing H&H's home office to manage multiple projects more effectively.

H&H also uses Metropole's BUILDER platform on its website, highlighting select projects to better market its work to new clients. At sales presentations, H&H uses Metropole portfolios to tour prospective clients through premier projects, describing relevant issues at each site and how complex issues were resolved. "In an environment in which we are all looking for ways to better serve our customers and better market our services," says Ken Hart, President, H&H Builders, "Metropole360's BUILDER platform enables us to demonstrate the high quality of our work to potential customers and communicate more effectively, and manage multiple projects efficiently."

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